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Welcome to Wildflower Studio

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Commited to the Earth

 We carry natural, vegan, and organic products here!  Also, almost all of our products come in recycleable packaging. Wildflower Studio recycles everything--even hair clippings! We donate all hair over 10'" to Locks of Love and offer a 10% discount to clients who participate.  All cuts under 10" are composted or given to local birds to help build their nests.

Commited to the Community

Wildflower Studio loves to support other local small businesses within the Asheville Community. We also donate our time and services to non-profit organizations and individuals in need.  Please contact us and see how we can help out with your next fundraiser or community event! 

              Commited to Beauty

Unlike traditional salons, Wildflower Studio emphasizes inner as well as outer beauty.  We believe that inner beauty and radiance can be achieved and maintained by practices as simple as drinking herbal tea and occasionally stopping to smell the flowers.  That's where we come in!    We offer an array of custom blended herbal teas and medicinal tinctures.  As we grow, you can also look forward to local natural beauty products, too!

Finally!  a hair salon fits  your style!  Enjoy a relaxing, comfortable atmosphere where good conversation and a tasty beverage are all part of the package!  We offer personalized hair services and organic, vegan beauty products  in a chemical-free environment for your health, our health, and the health of the planet!

 Beauty and wellness blend together

naturally here at Wildflower Studio!  Come in for a hair

 style and leave feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and beautiful!


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